Plastic Warriors · Millennium’s End

A game set in the late 20th century, with players taking the role of investigators/hired guns in a world slightly more chaotic than the real one.

This game is no longer being produced. Your best bet to get into contact with other Millennium’s End players is probably to subscribe to the mailing list dedicated to the game.


Character Sheet

This nine-page character sheet for Millennium’s End contains a main sheet, a two-page skills record sheet, a weapon sheet, two pages of ammunition records, a body armor sheet, a sheet for housing and general equipment, and a vehicle sheet.

Designer: Gurth

Formats available: *Portable Document Format, *Microsoft Word 97

PDF |  512 kilobytes
Word 97 |  177 kilobytes


Burst Dice Roller

This utility rolls dice for bursts of automatic weapon fire—you just set the required roll and the number of rounds fired, and it rolls the dice for you. Much easier than rolling ten or twenty D100s yourself …

Also included is an ammunition damage calculator that you can use to figure out the Delivered Damage of ammo types not listed in Millennium’s End sourcebooks.

Author: Gurth

Operating System: *Microsoft Windows 95 or later (if the program does not work, download and install the Visual Basic 4 runtimes)

Windows 95 |  2.8 kilobytes